Journeys of fancy

Shabbat is a chameleon, blending into the best part of where you want to be. It’s your happy place—your escape. If you wish you were back in bed, then Shabbat is a fluffy down comforter. If you imagine yourself at an amusement park, then Shabbat is the best roller coaster, nobody in line. It’s all relative.

Sometimes the day stretches long and empty, like a dusty, baking desert road. Tedious hours of trudging spent under the constant fear of bandits, in a place so far from home that the stars have no names.

If you let it then, Shabbat will be an evening oasis—with cool winds and rustling leaves, with music and spices in the air, with refreshed travelers telling stories of places you’ve never been but have dreamed of all your life.
What does your Shabbat need to be?


Rhoto said...

Dear Wil, I soooo very much enjoy your Sabbath Bee!! We have some of your writings on our fridge!!
We are more spiritual than Christian. 'Are embracing Sabbath practices (Saturday night thru Sunday) more and more. Find the time very nurturing, rejuvenating and exciting to anticipate/experience/reflect upon...
Thank you for all your wonderful influence on our lives ;)
Yours, Rhonda and Toon

Anonymous said...

Without any lines on rollercoasters, the amuzement parks are boring and you are done in 1 hour. It is good to enjoy company of others.

Rhoto said...

Dear Wil,
Hoping you are having a wonderful vacation...? So look forward to your next poem!
Warm greetings,
Rhonda and Toon

Wil Roepke said...

Dear Rhonda and Toon,
Thank you for your kind comments, and I'm so glad you enjoy my site! I haven't been on vacation so much as very busy, and I started a new job this week as well. I can't say for certain when I will get my act together and start posting again, but the slight nudge is very much appreciated!