Just a few more touches and everything would be—

“Did you add the garlic powder?” Shabbat asked. He was right behind me, practically bumping my shoulder. I hadn’t even realized he had arrived.

I almost jumped. Almost dropped the tongs, almost yelled something. I managed to stop myself though, and just took a step to the side. “You’re hovering again,” I warned him. He made a face.

“Did you set the coffee pot? Is the porch light on? You remembered that Mark’s allergic to sesame, right?”

Instead of replying, I sprinkled coriander on the salad. “I’ve got it under control,” I said, trying not to clench my teeth.

Still he continued. “Is the laundry out of the dryer? Did you child-proof the house for Olivia? How many bottles of wine did you buy?”

Over time, his pestering diminished into the background.

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Rhoto said...

How WONDERFUL that you are "back"!!
Warm greetings,
Rhonda and Tony