The art of a perfect sunset

Shabbat was already on the patio when we walked outside to eat. He wasn’t dressed for a summer dinner, though. He wore overalls splattered with glittering, iridescent paint—colors that could have come straight from another world.

“Dinner entertainment,” Shabbat said, guessing at our question. “Don’t mind me. Just sit down and enjoy your meal.”

And then he dipped a paintbrush into the carrots. He lifted it and the blob of orange at its tip toward the washed-out blue-white sky, and he applied the color just below some wispy clouds. He did the same with the cranberry glaze and the curried lentils, and then he splattered some wine on the eastern horizon, letting it seep through and darken his canvas.

He kept working through dinner and dessert, until the time came to roll coffee over the sky and scatter handfuls of sugar crystals across it to sweeten the darkness.

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