Wardrobe choice

I can imagine Shabbat standing in her walk-in closet this afternoon. She probably pulled out the rainbow mini-dress first, the one with every color imaginable splashed across it, like an iridescent—and very fashionable—Jackson Pollock canvas stitched into a shape that hugged all her curves.

And then the basic, backless midnight-blue sheath, made from silk woven from the first dreams of bedtime. A simple and elegant, admiring “wow” of a dress, as opposed to the eye-catching, elaborate painted extravaganza.

In the end she put on the colorful one, along with striped tights and clunky, candy-colored bangles, peacock feathers in her hair and makeup straight from the eighties. Don’t get me wrong; she pulled it off marvelously. Still, I do wish she had worn the simpler dress tonight.

Or, alternately, just something from the lingerie drawer.

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