Flower bride

Stitch lavender into your hems, my dear, the purple buds like the first dark corners of evening, the smell of comfort and treasures lovingly, safely packed away.
Weave anemones through the fringes of your gown. Mix dark and light in single broad flourishes.
Teach the sweet peas, with their smell of clean and open spaces, to grow along your train.
Tuck lilies of the valley into your hair my love, and clip gardenias around your ankles so that their rich, noble fragrance will follow your footsteps.
May you be sated with delicacies of candied pansies and roses, to bring deep red to your lips and pink to your cheeks, purple to color the irises of your eyes and palest white to your fingertips.
And meet me in the garden and nightfall, under the wisteria canopy.

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