Dear SK—
I don’t go to this much trouble for most people, you know.
Heck, I wouldn’t do this for anyone else.
I baked bread for you.
I was actually standing there in the kitchen, up to my elbows in flour, dough digging under my fingernails, because I know how you feel about fresh-baked bread on the table.

And did I tell you that the phone rang?
Yeah. And because I was expecting a call, I went digging through my bag with powdery hands, so my stuff was left covered with smudges from the flour, from the dough for the bread that I wouldn’t be making for anybody else.

So I hope you appreciate the effort.
Because I don’t do this for just anybody.


David said...

your's is a nice blog.
I plan on bookmarking it.
I came to this blog from the JTS profile page. I am not Jewish, but I too am considering converting: I have always felt a strange connection to Judaism that I cannot explain. People mistake me for being Jewish all the time, even without knowing anything about me. Even acquaintances or complete strangers will ask, "You're Jewish, aren't you?" on a weekly or sometimes a daily basis, often from "out of the blue". This is happened so long and so often that it has me looking into this seriously. I believe that this is what G-d/Hashem wants of me. Now if I can only figure out where to start this process . . .

Wil Roepke said...

Thanks for your message. If you want to get in contact, my email is on my blogspot profile page.