If the collected knowledge of the world were condensed into a single haiku,
Shabbat would be the fleeting and pleasant sound
Of the brush stroking the parchment.

If all eternity were lived in the span of a single day,
Then the magical, liminal moments of dawn and dusk
Would be the eras of Shabbat.

When a table is set with every delicious treat of nature,
Then Shabbat is present
In the laughter and conversation of the diners.

And if all love were collected in a single heart,
One would find Shabbat in the curve of the arm, the sound of the voice,
That significant detail that means “you” to me.

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David said...

I find that it is cool that you speak Japanese as well; I tried learning it in high school but I am a language klutz. I had a hard enough time learning French and Spanish, and I am still not fluent. Yes, I posted earlier. Learning guttoral Hebrew is going to be tough. . .