No briefcase

Shabbat does not come in with the clink of polished black loafers. He does not settle his briefcase or his laptop case on the floor. He doesn’t even own a wallet.

Shabbat isn’t stressed out, doesn’t bring the office home with him. He doesn’t tell the kids to leave him alone for a few minutes while he unwinds.

It’s easy for Shabbat, because he doesn’t have an office. His workweek consists of sitting at a table with friends, with wine and good food. Shabbat comes in after the errands are done, when the table is set and everything is out of the oven.

Still, after Shabbat settles in he’s so likeable that it’s hard to be frustrated with his happy-go-lucky lifestyle. And I do keep inviting him back. The weekend wouldn’t be the same without him.

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