The first real day of spring: ימין ושמאל תפרוצי

After six months of winter, Shabbat exploded into spring. To the left and to the right daffodils and apple blossoms, fresh grass and blushes of green burst out. Shabbat brought with it the first perfect day of spring.

…Except that it wasn’t the first. Thursday was just as nice. Thursday was just as warm. But on Thursday, sunrise to sunset, I had ten minutes to spend outside.

Shabbat is not a perfect day. Shabbat is not the warm breeze, the fresh air or the greening terrain. These things could appear any day of the week.

So, what is Shabbat? Shabbat is the walk in the park, the moment spent under the apple tree. Shabbat is the chance to taste the sweetness that languished, unappreciated, for the first six days of the week.

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